Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Killing off some tabs

I have this bad(?) habit of leaving lots of Firefox tabs open with random reference images that I find and would like to draw "at some point". Today I found myself with nearly 40 of them so I figured I'd better work my way through some. The initial idea was to spend very little time on each and kind of rush through, but I knew I wouldn't be able to... With faces I just have to spend the extra time to tweak stuff around until it looks - well, better than it would if I rushed it. Ended up with around 10 minutes on each I guess. The top-center girl is hideous, messed up from early scratchy rush combined with lines too hard to erase. I'm relatively pleased with the rest though, being as sketchy as they are.
There are some more tabs open with cars and stuff. Perhaps I'll be able to "quick-sketch" them to a greater degree than the human subjects. I will give it a go tomorrow.

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  1. Jag tycker mej börja se en ordentlig lossning på hårproblemet du pratat om förut - nu har ju nästan varenda en en massa fluff. Bra!

    Och jag gillar den längst upp till vänster mest. Blicken är bra, hon känns liksom närvarande, plus att munnen ser nästan lite öppen ut, vilket ger ett avslappnat intryck. Väldigt naturlig, tycker jag :) Speciellt om man jämför med hon till höger längst upp som ser lite stel ut i blicken.