Monday, April 27, 2009

Less random in fewer instances of random. Still no particular inspiration or effort. I've drawn a million pages like this. Every bit of repetition does its own little part I suppose, but I'm still not happy with the look or consistency of my "generic female faces", so I probably need to do more focused studies than just sporadic free attempts and the occasional referenced angle that may or may not correspond to what I'm trying to grasp. Repeated fail is still fail.
I also scribbled some thoughts/queries regarding bat wings. I need to look up their anatomy once and for all, for those situations where you really want to fart out some kind of flying monster.


  1. En grym djurfotograf som fotar djur i studio som gjort en del pissbra fladdermusbilder är Tim Flach (

    Sugen på att rita? ;)

  2. flach_bat2.jpg var verkligen asbra. Ser läbbigt mycket ut som en människa, och påminner samtidigt lite om flygödlorna i den där gamla tjocka dinosaurieboken.